Pearls Set Apart Ministries

Pearls Set Apart is a Christian non-denominational ministry birthed to disciple women who are being transformed into PEARLS, to live a life worthy of the calling each has received, set apart for Jesus. Broken & Hurt WELCOME [ Matt 28 | Eph 4 | Isaiah 61 ]


Freedom from Depression

Hi everyone, Here is a video where I share how I became free from depression, focus is on the spiritual aspect, it’s something personal that I don’t mind sharing, because what happened to me can happen to anyone! (Read Mark 11:24). PS: Stay tuned, I’m working on a blog post on “joy” encounters If […]

First follow Jesus

Have you ever felt as if you are doing your day to day job, or maybe you are enjoying being a full time mom, or maybe you are juggling both school and work, but can’t seem to know what is next for you? I’m writing this post because I believe everyone has something Jesus wants […]

Letter from Father God

“I’m here to comfort you my child. When nobody understands, I’m here to tell you that I do. I’m here to tell you that my love will never end. You can feel and see me in people, you can see me through what I created. You can find me in my words. You can find […]

Powerful questions

Hi everyone!!! First and foremost, I’m nothing without God, and nothing without following his will for my life. Secondly, I appreciate you taking the time to want to know about the power of questions. I’m sure that you already ask awesome questions in the area of expertise in your field, or sphere of influence. But, […]

Character Development in Small Things

hi my friends: I really miss many of you who are reading this post, I know that in this season there are days and weeks that I might seem distant. It might seem that way but the Lord is pruning me in what seems like very small things that when put away for later seem […]

Healing from Breakups & Rejection

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!! I know the title of this post is pretty deep. But I felt the need to write about it. This post is for anyone who has gone through a breakup, and also anyone who has been disappointed about having certain promises (either man made or God given promises) or expectations unmet […]

Letter from Dad to Daughter 3/7/16

“My daughter, I am here ready, to listen every day and every where you are. I am your provider, your problem solver, your protection, your shield, your father, and I will never fail you nor leave you. Let me embrace you with my enduring love, come and rest your head on my chest, close to […]

A call to pray

I know it’s Christmas week…but I can’t help it but recharge and pray. The more time I take to recharge in the Lord, the more I notice there is a spiritual battle that He assigned for me to pray. As a first generation Christian in my family, there is a lot I got to learn […]

Reflection of the Rain

As I was driving in the rain, I was at awe at how God provides, not just the finances through working, but his grace to accomplish his will. He doesn’t just control the time but he also shifts the seasons of life. His grace is magnificent in our struggles, I was struggling learning greek, I […]

The Love of God

I grew up enslaved to the things of this world, to things like fear, depression, finding worth in career, work, education, and in pleasing people. I grew up not knowing there exists a good father for me. I grew up not knowing what it feels like to know that I am loved no matter what […]

Friendship with God Blesses Many

There are people who depend on your relationship and obedience to Jesus. You are encouraged to read the book of Daniel in the bible, chapters 1 and 2 and see how his friendship and time with God impacted those around him. In Daniel chapter 6, notice how nothing was able to harm him or tempt […]

“Can’t microwave a relationship with Jesus”

Here is a summary of what the Lord taught me today, through church: 1. We are to let go of idols and serve the living and true God heart emoticon 2. We are to have faith to intercede for what God asked us to do.  3. We are to pray for the laborers (leaders) to be […]

When suffering…

Want to encourage those going through something, or suffering during a waiting season, to not give up. “For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil” (1 Peter 3:17). “Yet the LORD longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to […]

Let Him Sanctify

Sometimes we have to let God have lordship and sanctify (set apart, consecrate, dedicate, make holy) the area of life where there has been more trouble and neglect.  As you do that, you will know that you made the right decision, as you see how your focus and problem solving on that area has been/(will […]

Faith in God

Hi friends, On today, I want to talk to you about having faith in God 🙂 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1 NASB) Faith in God is to remember every time he has answered prayer in the past, and to trust him that he will answer once again. Faith […]

Encouragement in the Word

“Am I doing enough?,” “Am I going ahead of God?,” “Did God really speak to me about that?”I struggle with those questions and other questions. I grew up being verbally abused and after I surrendered my life to Jesus 4 years ago, somewhere along the journey, I learned to surrender my thoughts and the way I […]

“Never tell God No”

Hi Friends! Hope your October is beginning well! I titled this post “Never tell God No,” with quotation marks because the suggestion seems well known  and heard, isn’t it? I am almost sure that either God or someone who cares about you has said that statement to you!!! I was reading a book and quotes […]

The Courageous Life

Hi friends, I have been writing a lot more than usual for school purposes. There is a lot that the Lord is allowing me to realize as I write, I know it’s not just for me, my classmates and my professor. I thought to share one of my assignments, which was to write about the […]

Do you love God as you did at first?

I have been through difficult times when I had to rely on the last thing I knew God told me. That’s why I am a writer, I like to write what he tells me so that I won’t struggle with doubt when trials come. I have been discouraged many times, people have made fun of how […]